The power to grow!

Lime Pi is a Google Partner capable of helping you with even the most advanced display, search and video campaigns on Google AdWords.

The power to reach!

Lime Pi is a Cisco Meraki Partner capable of installing real BYOD infrastructure to your business or campus. Power your Wi-Fi with the cloud.

Google Collaboration

With Google Apps we can provide great team building tools and communication paths for even the most isolated teams. Lime Pi is a Google Apps SMB Reseller.

Throwing A Party

This sales team just looked at their data. Find out why they are throwing a party!


Building Traffic

Building web traffic begins with understanding the people behind your traffic. Targeting your customers in their searches and browsing is key to increasing quality visits to your web properties.

Analyzing Data

Understanding the “How, When, Where & Why” of your web traffic is essential in understanding how to best determine what strengths and weakness exist in your web infrastructure and content.

Capture Profit

Capturing profit from a digital traffic requires planning and a partner with a vision for the power of the web. Taking a Web Visitor to a Real World customer requires the skill and experience of a seasoned firm.

For Business The Web Is About Money

Delivering real world profits and accomplishing specific goals are the main function of your website. From a sales perspective, you want to be generating leads and providing engaging content to help reinforce your brand and close sales. Determining the effectiveness of your digital marketing is an important facet of planning, growth and profit.

Lime Pi Digital can help increase your profit from your web properties.

Get your piece of the Pie in your vertical market.