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Amazon Alexa Programming for Voice First skills that deliver rich content experiences

The Amazon Alexa platform is growing substantially in its power and reach. Amazon continues to add new devices to their ecosystem like the new Amazon Echo Show. Lime Pi is building skills to take advantage of this great conversational tool. Request information on having us build a skill for you on the Alexa Skills kit.

Alexa skills one of the most exciting things in customer engagement

Are you looking to have an Alexa Skill developed for your business or organization? You would not be alone, Alexa Skills offer a new and exciting way to reach end users.

"A new lens to the world
- voice computing."
While there are some issues regarding privacy that limit some functionality on the platform. There are still an amazing amount of ways to do something new and innovative on the Amazon ecosystem. Functions like account linking and audio and video skills kits implementations can bring a much richer experience to the user more tailored to their information on your system.
For years we have fantasized about video calls and talking to our computers. Well, this fantasy is the here and now. It is estimated that over 40 million users in the US alone have an Alexa based device. This is a huge percentage of the population.

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Lime Pi has been developing applications to solve clients needs for over 10 years. We have really engaged customers with Amazon Alexa Programming projects. Make an impact in new ways with Voice First. With experience creating custom apps involving IoT, APIs with Google, Facebook, Amazon and more. We know we can be the solution for your needs.

Sample Skills

Air Cargo is a database driven example skill that allows the Alexa platform to remember the user on multiple visits and turns.

E.S.P. Testing Labs is a great example skill for seeing both database driven skills paired with audio and custom slots.
The Mardi Gras skill is a simple one that uses programming to determine what parade date or area a user is asking Alexa to list Mardi Gras Parades.

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