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Web Marketing Collision Repair

We handle a variety of web marketing services for collision repair shops and auto body shops.

  • Google AdWords Management
  • Web Design
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization

Collision Repair Marketing Plans Start at $250 Per Month | Request A Proposal
Driving Traffic

Building web traffic for your collision repair shop can really drive the growth of your business. This is because many individuals and businesses research auto body repair companies online to find a new vendor to repair their cars and trucks.

Getting There

Lime Pi Digital focuses on using our proven process for creating a system for your site that causes success in the search engines. We use best practices and techniques that will steadily move your placements up in the major search engines. Moving up in the search engines can lead to greater visibility for people looking for body repair on their cars.


Once we start a plan for a customer we are able to show real deliverables and metrics of success. Web marketing is a field where having a reliable trustworthy partner is key. We have the ability to properly get you collision repair business to market on the web. Call Lime Pi Digital at 1-866-599-0630 for more information.

We can provide reliable services for customers in the auto body and collision repair fields. Our proven marketing system helps drive leads and convert traffic. Look to a partner who can provide this ability using a multi-faceted approach. When a customer searched for a local repair shop, will they call you or your competitor? Our goal is to get that call or lead to go directly to your shop.
  • Lead Generation for Collision Repair Shops

    When trying to generate leads you have to use all tools available to be successful. This incorporates expertise that we can build off of. We have the tools to turn web focused applications into real world calls for your services. Through email management, web design, and ad campaigns we can show you how to make […]
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  • Web Analytics for Collision Repair Shops

    Web Analytics is a tool used to measure the reporting of how well a site is performing. Bring clicks online to calls at your office helps us measure how well the sites and ad campaigns are performing. We know that when you are working at the shop you may not have time to promote ads […]
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  • SEO Management for Collision Repair Shops

    Collision Repair is a very competitive market whether you’re in a big city or a small town. We can bring your search engine optimization to it’s full potential. We know how to build content that is quick and easy to find on anyone’s web browser. Keywords and converting text into real customer contact is the […]
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  • Website Design for Collision Repair Shops

    Your website is where creativity comes to life. With bright images and newly repaired automobiles we can display your companies brilliance. Knowing the market we can bring your particular information to the forefront of the world’s search engines. We can get your companies website looking reputable and knowledgeable as an industry leader in Collision Repair. […]
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  • Adwords Management for Collision Repair Shops

    In the competitive market of Collision Repair you need a digital marketing campaign partner that will get your business to the forefront of people’s minds. If they have an accident or just need some repair they need to be able to search and see your ads above everyone else’s. We can manage your account so […]
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